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Azmex is a stable plastics injection molding and assembly company with over 30 years in operation – 20 years of which have been under a maquiladora structure. We have facilities in both the USA and in Mexico, with primary production occurring just a few miles inside the Mexico border (in the city of Nogales). Our manufactured products can be found in Home Depot, Lowe’s and other popular outlets, and we serve a variety of industries with various clientele ranging from small and midsize firms up to and including a variety of larger Fortune 1000 companies.

Azmex’ maquila formation offers unique advantages. Our multinational structure provides our customers the simplicity and comfort of doing business with a company that is based in the USA while still receiving the benefits of outsourcing – our customers never need to worry about dealing with any import/export issues (including tariffs), international banking/payments, or any of the other standard inconveniences of outsourcing to a foreign country.

Our primary facilities straddle each side of the national border adding logistical advantages that save both time and money. This positioning allows for international business function under localized conditions.



Certified services

Azmex is ISO-9001:2015 certified and has UL certification.




To provide cost-competitive reliable solutions in the areas of injection molding and assembly while still retaining quality standards that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Azmex is committed to the continuous improvement in processes that benefit our customers, our employees and our company.


Our facilities are designed for low cost manufacturing with automated material handling systems. Their locations were strategically selected in close proximities to each side of the national border for logistical advantages.



  • 50,000+ SQ FT – Company owned primary manufacturing facility

  • Warehouse facility in the USA (85621) (standard FOB point)

  • Offices and HQ in Arizona

  • Planned expansions of the primary manufacturing facility

  • 57 presses ranging from 30-500T

  • Clean room

  • Full QC department

  • In-House tool shop

All of our standardized facilities are designed for low cost manufacturing with automated material handling systems, quick mold change systems, and automated finished goods conveying with sprue or part removal robots on same machines.